Who we are

PADISH HOLDINGS is a 100% South African Black owned company that works with companies and businesses that provide the services, generate the energy and manufacture the products we all use everyday. PADISH HOLDINGS enables plants, Factories and Institutions to continue operating efficiently, cleanly and safely.

We understand that the timely and efficient performance of our work is critical to our industry partners, helping them to continue to grow in future.

Our purpose is to be the leader in the Wear Control Solutions for the industries we serve. Padish is dedicated to providing every customer with guaranteed top quality workmanship through the knowledge, skills and professionalism of our workforce and management.




105 Nicolson Street,
B90 Block B, 1st Floor
Brooklyn Office Park
Brooklyn, Pretoria

(012) 771 5082
(076) 016 8308
(086) 228 1794
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About Us

Padish is unsurpassed in delivering top quality work and service in an industry that demands expertise along with timely turnarounds. We operate with complete integrity, providing you with a safe and compliant service ensuring that no harm is caused to people, plant or to environment.

We provide innovative Wear Control Solutions differentiated on customer service excellence delivering value with unrivalled safety and environmental focus. Read More