Padish Holdings is a 100% South African black owned company that works with companies and businesses that provides the services,generate the energy and manufacture the products we use everyday.

Padish Holdings enables Plants, Factories and effeciently, cleanly and safely. We understand that the timely and effeceint performance of our work is critical to our industry partners, helping them to continue to grow into the future.
Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

  • Oil And Fuel Purification

  • High Velocity Flushing

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Vaccum Dehydration

Vaccum Dehydration

  • Removes 100% free and emusfied water and oils.
  • Removes 90% of dissolved water from oils (to as low as 20 ppm).
  • Rapid removal of water ,gasses and acids.
  • High effeciency demusfying properties.
  • Self-contained,fully automated filter focus one touch contol system.
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Industrial Oil And Fuel Filtration

Industrial Oil And Fuel Filtration

We can airculate or kidney loop filter a reservoir of oil of fuel using the appropiate system to remove particulate and/or water contamination from:
  • Turbine lube oil
  • Hydraulic oil 
  • Gear oil
  • Transformer oil
  • Diesel fuel                      
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We operate with complete integrity ,providing you with a safe and compliant service ensuring that no harm is caused to the people,plant or to the environment.We provide innovative Wear Control Soultions differentianted on customer service excellence delivering value with unrivalled safety and environmental focus.

Our highly skilled workforce combined with our advanced technologies and our innovative approach, delivers a unique value based package with the requirements of our customers at the heart of our service.